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At Hulk Marketing we understand the importance of brand building. Just think about it, the logos you see the most often like the golden arches of McDonald’s, the check mark of Nike, and the blue bird of Twitter. We don’t need to see the company names to know who they belong to, because we see the logo and instantly associate it with the company it represents.

Brand building is a unique combination of marketing and psychology tactics that are combined in a complimentary manner. If we are able to identify brands by memory when being shown their logo, we are instantly inclined to trust that brand as a credible source because we recognized it. It can take years for your company logo to become a trusted source or one that people instantly recognize, but brand building is essential to the overall success of your business in today’s world of marketing.

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Branding Is A Tool For Creating & Maintaining A Competitive Advantage

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Marketing Is What You Do, Branding Is Who You Are