The Benefits of Mobile Marketing in 2015

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing in 2015

For several years we’ve heard that mobile is going to explode and become the next big thing, but it wasn’t until 2014 that mobile finally surpassed the desktop.

So where does that leave marketers for 2015 and on-wards? Let’s take a look.

The percentage of the time being spent on mobile apps in 2015 is 86%, and 79% of smartphone users stated that they use apps every single day. Something to keep in mind next time you’re deciding if your business needs an app.

Looking at further data, mobile still isn’t turning into conversions. Mobile users have different tendencies than desktop users, it seems mobile users are more in a browsing state while those on desktop computers are more in a buying state. 90% of mobile users are using their devices to research and get price comparisons before making an actual purchase.

As search engines go, mobile users simply are not as engaged, with on-site engagement lower on mobile than it is on desktop computers. The lesson here is to ensure that your website is mobile responsive so users on any device have the best possible experience.

In the end, we’re still not all the way there with mobile, but the signs are showing that mobile is slowly becoming the preferred method for both consumer’s and businesses.

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